How I'm Getting 200 Email Leads Per Day AND Converting Them into Paying Customers
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In this FREE course, I am going to show you how my business, Eye Love, is getting 200 email leads per day and converting them into paying customers… 

All on autopilot after it is set up. 

But we are not just doing this for our ecommerce business (100-200 leads per day), but also for our agency.

Why am I giving this away for free? 

 I am an affiliate for almost every program that I use in this course, so if you click on the affiliate link, we make a commission, which keeps this course free. I became an affiliate because I actually use the software and I will show you exactly how I use it.

Also, as stated above, we run an Amazon Advertising Agency, Profitable Pineapple Ads

 We can help you get your products on Amazon and scale your sales on that channel. 

Let’s jump on a call and chat about it. Apply to work with us here.
What Others are Saying

Excellent content. Love the fact that you start with the end goal in mind - serving your customer.
- Stan B.

I like the simplicity of it.
- Anthony

The course is straightforward with strategies that work very well. I have seen some of these in previous videos you've made in the past and they have helped me so much.  Because of this course, I added some new things to my website, email flows, and more.
The email flow helped me create a rapport-building experience where people get to know more about what we do. The flow has received a lot of engagement.
I will be looking at Getemails and will be implementing the final bonus video "How to Massively Increase Traffic" strategies for my email opt-in.
Great course overall!
- Tony

Travis explains in such a simple way the strategy behind lead generation.
I like that is very easy to follow and ¨digest¨ with short lessons. I have taken webinars about this subject and have not been able to keep up due to the big amount of information at a time.
It is very helpful to see the Google Ad process and also understand how to optimize the Ads. Amazing information on how to search for problems instead of product related keywords, thanks for this one!
I had really never understood between the difference in buyer purchase decisions between Facebook and google until now. This was a big takeaway to understand when to use each platform.
I wonder if we should use a URL rotator when sending traffic to Amazon to be able to rank better for different keywords, is this against TOS? It would be useful to know where can we check the tech process of the pixel and pop up set up.
Is the pixel only for Facebook? Does google have a pixel too?
Thanks for this valuable course!!!
- Giorgianna 

It seems the perfect long-term external marketing loop I've been looking for. I've been selling on Amazon for 10 months and have been looking for the best approach in terms of consistent, scaleable, external traffic, and the step-by-step guide goes into so much detail and granular information that it has taken any fear I may have had and turned it into something I've already started to put together. I'm looking forward to seeing the results from this on my business and thank you so much for sharing your successes.
- James
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